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Mental Exchange, Inc. consists of mental health professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, educators, frontline workers, faith based leaders, community activists, parents, students, veterans, public service workers, and government workers. We intentionally use our platforms to positively connect with each other, raise mental health awareness, educate community members, and build liaisons between civilians, the legal system, and state/local government officials. Our leaders develop solution focused purpose driven strategies to address social injustice, lack of representation, unequal access to services, and discrimination and bias which disproportionately affect Black and Brown individuals.

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Daniella N. Shaw, LCSW 

Daniella is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Therapist in Private Practice who specializes in adolescent and family services, Anxiety management, and coping with Depression and other mood disorders. Daniella works with families and couples to help them, resolve conflict, recover from trauma, improve communication, and maintain healthier relationships. Daniella also works with clients to help them effectively manage Personality disorders, Grief/loss issues, chronic illness, and the delicacy of caregiver stress (experienced by families, friends, and professionals). 
Daniella graduated from Florida Atlantic University with her Master in Social Work and Minor in Sociology. Her Mental Health and social services education and diligent experience in the Child Welfare and community health arena has paved the way for Daniella to embrace her role as an innovative leader and community advocate. She was raised in a lower income household, experienced the traumatic loss of her mother, and has a deep understanding of complicated family systems, grief & loss, environmental stressors, limited finances, and restricted access to resources. Daniella is committed to using her God given  talents and vision to speak up for those who haven't found their voice, step-in for those who feel trapped, assist those who are having difficulty finding their way, and to connect and inspire people across the world.


Shykera Coats, MSW

Mrs. Coats is an 11-year Army veteran. Her assignments include duty as an Information Technology Specialist in South Korea, Georgia, and Hawaii. During her career, she also deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.
After serving honorably in the service, Mrs. Coats settled down in Miami, Florida with her husband and son.  She chose to use the leadership, mentoring, empowerment skills she developed as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the army to pursue a career in social services, earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work from Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida. As a student, Mrs. Coats completed an internship at Army Community Service at U.S. Army SOUTHCOM in Doral, Fl as well as a medical internship at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. She currently works as a health and wellness program manager for the U.S. Army and volunteers as a Guardian ad Litem for the 11th Judicial Circuit Court. Mrs. Coats brings with her a unique blend of knowledge of military life and social science in a multitude of areas to include trauma informed care, child welfare, advocacy, and medical social work.



Shawn Jackson

Born in Kingston Jamaica to an entrepreneurial mom, Shawn Jackson was exposed to business and money management at an early age. As a licensed investment representative and financial expert, Shawn’s passion is to educate and improve the financial literacy of the working class community he is a part of. Shawn’s sensitivity to the lack of mental health awareness in the urban community has led him to become a certified life coach. He operates as a sounding board to those seeking to uncover and heal from past traumas.

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