Community Leaders positively shifting this generation from instant gratification to mental stimulation.

The Mental


To uplift, inform, and restore our Black & Brown communities. We advocate for Social justice by utilizing a solution focused mobilization of community leaders.
With our purpose driven approach we offer equal access to services our Black and Brown disenfranchised communities have limited access to. We uplift our communities by offering mental health support groups and wellness services. We provide informational resources and educational services about social, political, and economic principles to promote growth. We restore our communities by connecting like minded Leaders and advocating for our minority community members.



  Positively Shifting This Generation  

Mental Exchange, Inc. was founded in 2020 by Daniella N. Shaw and other south FL leaders as a grassroots organization in response to the horrific death of George Floyd, racial inequality, and civil unrest. Our main goals include social justice policy reform, increasing knowledge, and socio-economic empowerment by means of strategic problem solving guidelines and practices. Our organization offers peaceful and purpose driven guidelines for responding to racial discrimination, bias, institutional oppression, and restricted access to services disproportionately affecting our Black & Brown population. We are a 501(c)(3) federal tax exempt non-profit organization.



The Mental Exchange movement uses a combination of intelligence, intellect, mindfulness, historical context, racial awareness, cultural diversity, open minded thinking, leadership, strategical planning, and internal peace and love.

Our movement seeks to create less division and more unification by empowering ourselves and other minorities to recognize areas of disproportionate treatment and unequal access. We work together to strategically build connections, create access to services, and effectively work against systematic oppression. 

We mentor and foster the development of politicians, law enforcement officials, trade workers, healthcare workers, authors, accountants, researchers, lawyers, board of directors, and entrepreneurs within our community.